Expert Marketing Advice

Five ways to make money onlineCan you name five different ways that a new business website can drive customers to your doorstep?  Be honest…

The average Upstate business owner simply doesn’t have time to figure out how their website works; much less figure out all the different ways that it can boost their overall exposure.  That’s why you rely on experts to guide you through that process, and nobody knows online marketing like Upstate Synergy.

In fact, that’s why our prices are so reasonable for web design- that’s not where we’re looking to make our money from you at all.  Because once we teach you how to transform your website into a virtual ATM machine with all the new business it creates, then we know without a doubt that we will have your patronage for life.

Email Marketing SpartanburgMake no mistake though; we take an entirely different approach toward web design than our competitors.  While they focus on quick and pretty, our goal is to give your visitors a true experience where they can learn about your brand, opt in for email marketing, start conversations through social media and learn why you’re the best person in town to do business with.  In fact, every element that we incorporate into your website is there for one specific reason- to generate new leads and to make you more money.

Really, it all comes down to what you want your website to do for your business.  If you want it to say, “Look, we have a website,” then hire a college undergrad to build you a simple website for about five hundred dollars and call it a day.  We can even recommend someone if your needs are basic.

However, if you want your website to say, “We are the best around and we are willing to fight for your business,” then contact Web Synergy today and let us show you how the Internet can really work in your favor.  Because even though we hate to brag, we are head and shoulders above our competition when it comes to teaching you how to make money online.