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Nobody remembers the last average store they visited or meal they ate.  

Customers only remember EXCELLENT.  So if you’re only delivering an average online experience through an average website with average calls to action, then it’s no wonder why your conversion rates aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

Upstate Synergy has an amazing track record with creating wildly successful websites for Fortune 500 clients and small businesses alike.  Our process is simple- we are laser focused on your customer needs and what makes them truly inspired while shopping online. 

We offer spectacular website design in Spartanburg, South Carolina for upscale clients around the globe.


We Listen Closely


Our #1 job is to hear your customers loud and clear. Every design decision we make is based off their actual needs and how it will effect them online.



We Solve Problems


We deliver awesome user experiences so your customers feel right at home. Our websites are simple, elegant and extremely user friendly.



We Create Loyalty


Once we eliminate the typical roadbocks in the buyer’s journey , you’ll be rewarded with very happy customers online and steady conversion rates.


Our Services

Web Design

We build gorgeous, award-winning websites that deliver awesome customer experiences. 

Customer Engagement

Our detective-like analysts have a knack for finding ways to engage your customers.


Our world-class copywriters are established authorities in the digital marketing realm.

Sales Funnels

Tired of missed opportunities?  We can help you convert at incredible rates.

Search Optimization

We employ time-tested, fully organic SEO tactics that make the search engines cheer.

Brand Identity

We excel at perfecting your online presence and ensuring that others take notice.

Looking for Game-Changing Web Design in Spartanburg, SC and Beyond?  

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“Upstate Synergy helped us increase our online lead generation by 435% in 2014.  Our total return on investment was just a hair under 2,900%.”

– Chris M, Specialty Sales Classics

“We thought our conversions were great until Keith pointed out half a dozen holes in our sales funnel.  Now it’s beyond great- it’s our best sales tool!”

– Kenzie R, Triton Consulting

“Upstate Synergy taught me that EVERYONE ends up looking at your website before becoming a customer.  If it doesn’t impress them, it’s game over.”

– John M., M&K Logistics 

  • Copywriting & Brand Messaging
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Organic Search Optimization
  • Kick-Butt Sales Funnels
  • Client Loyalty
  • Overall Customer Engagement


Lifetime Client Satisfaction


First Page Search Rankings


Dirty Looks from Competitors


Drastically Increased Sales

Upstate Synergy is an award-winning digital marketing firm in Spartanbirg, South Carolina that has been delivering awesome user experiences online since 2003.  We are led by digital marketing expert Keith Koons, a world-renowned digital copywriter that has written for some of the biggest brands on the planet.

With a you-first mentality and an amazing group of creative professionals, we excel at creating beautiful websites that make your customers happy.  

At Upstate Synergy, we are comitted to building great lifelong relationships with our clients and their customers.  We focus on what really matters in business- honesty, loyalty, expertise and world-class customer service.  We take a lot of pride in building websites for businesses here in the Upstate.

Every one of our clients receive VIP treatment- your needs always matter more than balance sheets or bottom lines. 

One of our favorite sayings at Upstate Synergy is, “We don’t build websites for a living, we build awesome client relationships.”  

While that may sound a bit corny, we’re proud of doing things differently and never putting profits before people.  We can honestly say that we have become friends and trusted colleagues with almost every client we’ve ever worked with- that’s just how we do business.  

If you happen to be in the Spartanburg, Greenville, Asheville or neighboring areas, we would love to sit down and talk so you can see just how different we are.

We believe that things like family and happiness should always come before a career, so we do everything we can to ensure that our employees have the freedom to carve out their own paths in life.  We work out of home offices in Spartanburg, SC and we make the most out of technology to keep efficiency high.

This also benefits you, the customer, since it allows us to design world-class websites at a very affordable cost.  On average, we are around 60% less than the big national design firms, yet our clients websites outrank theirs because of the personal attention each account receives.

Meet Our Clients

This is where we brag to look way cooler than we really are.

The J&J Playbook

Upstate Synergy stepped in to help the iconic Johnson & Johnson brand create an internal playbook for their partners/employees.  We were in charge of shaping the brand messaging and performing several rounds of final edits.

Upwork Expert Content


We were contacted by Upwork, the world’s largest freelance website, to create a series of authority articles about the professions within the digital world.  This is an ongoing relationship where our content is syndicated to millions of global readers.

eBay User Guides


Back around 2012, eBay realized that they had to start taking content marketing seriously to stave off emerging competitors.  Upstate Synergy was fortunate enough to be one of the creative firms chosen to help implement what the world now knows as eBay Guides.

Avaya Sales Funnels


The Upstate Synergy team was called on by enterprise technology giant Avaya to provide creative concepts and core content for numerous B2B marketing campaigns over the years.  It was our first Fortune 500 client so they’ll always stay near and dear to our hearts.

Walmart Pitch Decks


In 2016, Upstate Synergy worked alongside a partner marketing firm to help create a series of corporate pitch decks for the world’s largest retailer.  While we cannot discuss the projct itself, our team handled the core content and brand messaging aspects of the presentations.

iWriter Tutorials


Legendary internet marketer Brad Callen of iWriter reached out to have Keith prepare a web series on what it takes to become a highly sought-after copywriter in today’s digital world.  It has been viewed by millions of novice writers to date with an overwhelmingly positive response.

Sales Letters for Motorola

We worked with the VP of Marketing at Motorola Solutions (now Zerba Technologies) starting back in 2008 to help them secure introductions with executive decision makers at Fortune 500 companies.  Our team used a blend of traditional and email marketing with custom landing pages to achieve amazing success.

B2B Content for Intuit

Back in early 2000, Intuit started a content marketing campaign that provided business owners with actionable finance and accounting advice.  Upstate Synergy was one of the first creative agencies to help them turn this project into a huge success.

The Upstate Synergy Signature Process



We Get to Know The Real You


Your business is as unique as a snowflake.  That’s why Upstate Synergy takes nothing for granted- we want to get to know the real you and what your company stands for.  We take alot of pride in how we build relationships with our clients- you’ll think of us as old friends in no time flat.



We Get to Know Your Ideal Clients

It is IMPOSSIBLE to design a successful website unless you know exactly what ideal customers are looking for.  Without understanding their needs, it’s just putting random words on a page.  Upstate Synergy always digs deep into the metrics to know your clients inside and out.



We Design Based on Customer Need

Upstate Synergy ensures your website is perfectly optimized for customers in every possible way.  Our top-notch web designers, copywriters & creative talent have only one goal- delivering pure amazement.  From sales funnels to branding, page copy and stunning graphics, we have you 100% covered. 









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