spartanburg web trafficJust the other day, I was called to a local used car dealership to help them understand why their site wasn’t receiving nearly as much natural traffic as it did a few years ago.  And before I even arrived there, the problem was evident…the website was being completely neglected.

Now, don’t think I’m speaking poorly of this client because it really wasn’t his fault.  He did what most Upstate businesses do when it comes to maintaining their websites- absolutely nothing.  He simply assumed that everything would run on autopilot and customers would continue to show up at his doorstep.  Only that’s not how it works.

For example, let’s talk about web design in Spartanburg.  For as long as I can remember, a company called Upstate Web help the top ranking because the owner was actively updating his site, guiding customers there and making his domain more visible.  Just a few years ago, however, that business closed due to the owner’s health and his website has been in a steady free fall in popularity ever since.

Websites are Just Like Businesses


Because Google and the other search engines look at your website exactly that same way that you and I look at brick and mortar businesses.  If we see a store with lots of people coming and going, for example, then we assume that they must have great prices or awesome service.  When we see an empty parking lot in front of a business, however, then we assume that times are not good for that company.

To make your website more popular, it is 100% essential to-

  • Add new content frequently
  • Providing great information about your business
  • Have a steady stream of new and returning visitors
  • Create reasons for other websites to talk about you
  • Have visitors leaving comments and clicking on links
  • Offering a good blend of writing, photos and videos

And if you think about it, you ask your employees to do the exact same kinds of things inside your business.  They learn about your products, explain things to customers and happily show people around if they need help.  If you’re reputable, then other businesses are likely sending you foot traffic as well…and the search engines work exactly the same way.

How to Boost Your Web Traffic

If you want a natural boost in the search engines, then the easiest way to accomplish that goal is to update your website.  Anything from blogs to product pages to a good old FAQ will help potential customers better understand how you conduct business, and it also signals to the search engines that you’re serious about achieving success online.

So every time you post something new that consumers seem to enjoy, it gives a little boost in the rankings for the topic that is discussed.  Over time, this has a big cumulative effect that launches you straight to the top of the search engines.   And once ideal customers begin to find you and appreciate your efforts, it separates you from the competition and everything changes.

If you need help making your web content stand out or you’d simply like an explanation about why you’re not receiving as much web traffic as in the past, please feel free to contact me for a site evaluation.  In the meantime, just start thinking about what kinds of content that your customers would appreciate knowing before they contact you in person…and that will grant you a big head-start towards fixing the problem.