SEO Copy WritingIn the world of web optimization, there has been only one rule that every Upstate copywriter and SEO professional has abided by- “Content is King.”  Experts have consistently shown that no truer phrase has ever been spoken, yet almost every single Spartanburg web developer completely ignores this advice on a daily basis.  That’s because their only real goal is to sell you a website, and there’s nothing else for them to gain once you make that purchase.

At the same time, however, ignoring the rules set forth by the search directories like Google and Bing is no longer an option in 2014.  For any business to have a solid web presence, things like keyword research, great content and proper page layouts can make all the difference in the world.  In fact, this very website is only about two weeks old…yet we already outrank 3/4ths of the Upstate web developers who have been in business for decades.  It’s definitely not a coincidence and we’d love to teach you to have similar results.

How can you rank better on the search engines?  We’re glad you asked!  Here are a few tips to get you started-

Hire an Upstate Copywriter that Knows SEO

Honestly, any great wordsmith will help your site’s overall popularity in the search engines, but it is always better to have someone on your side that understands things like keyword density, optimizing images and knowing how to get the most out of a webpage.  The phrase “Content is King” not only refers to the quality of your website’s writing though; it also points to the frequency that you post new articles, tutorials and regular page content for your visitors to read.

For example, if you saw the exact same content every time you visited the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce website, there would be zero reason for you to ever return.  The same goes for any business that doesn’t have an eCommerce site with daily sales in cyberspace; both Google and your consumers want to see frequent changes to show that it’s a vibrant, growing business.  That’s the same reason we change window displays in storefronts or print a variety of flyers and coupons- it helps attract attention.

So how often should you update your site with new content?  Well, that entirely depends on how much your business is using their online presence here in the Upstate to generate new customers.  If there’s a steady flow of traffic, or you hope to one day achieve that, then several posts per week is the bare minimum.

Create Content that Delivers Knowledge

One of our favorite tactics at Upstate Synergy is to tell local businesses to completely forget about “marketing their products” on the Internet.  At first, they are completely taken aback by the concept- why on Earth would they spend time on a website and not talk about selling something?  Then they realize, however, that the whole point of an online presence is to communicate with potential customers.

People search for things online because they want information, and they use that information to make smart purchase decisions.  If someone is looking for an engagement ring, for example, they are probably seeking info about diamond clarity, carat weight or what types of settings/metals are popular right now.  Since they can bounce in and out of about twenty different sites in a matter of minutes, they will likely keep looking until they get the answers that they are looking for.

Here’s the beautiful thing about consumers though- if you provide them with the exact information that they are looking for AND they’re ready to make a purchase, there is a 92% chance that they make the purchase from you.  Even when they don’t plan on buying for several days or weeks, however, they are very likely to bookmark your site and return to that information when they’re ready.  So by considering their actual needs over forcing a sale, your chance of success increases exponentially.

Writing Winning Emails & Sales Copy

Likewise, online marketing has its own sets of rules about what works and what doesn’t.  While the average Upstate copywriter may be able to increase your conversion rates by 5-15%, one with a digital marketing background can often double to triple those results.  That’s because we balance out the copy on the page with your customer’s daily lifestyle, and we make the messaging geared to be digested in the digital age.

Now, that’s not to say that email marketing has to be used to sell, just like we explained in the previous section.  If nothing else, you should be sending out email blasts to inform your customers whenever new content is posted, when you’re launching a new social media campaign and whenever you’re having an event/sale.  Because the Web Synergy that we keep talking about involves tying all of these concepts together in a seamless marketing system that both sells and creates brand loyalty.

For more information on Upstate search optimization or writing winning copy, feel free to contact us and put our employees to the test.  Part of our free consultation process is always performing an on-site interview to learn about your needs and to teach you about web optimization, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and take advantage of us.