web design spartanburg

What makes a great website?  I’m really glad you asked…because that means you’re doing your homework before making an investment in your business’s future.

In case you didn’t know, not all websites are built the same.  Not by a longshot.  And it’s not just what you see on the outside that determines how good a website is designed, because everything starts from the backend in the actual code.  It determines everything from how fast your website will load to how friendly it appears to the search engines…and these kinds of things really matter overall.

Now, you’re probably not a tech geek like the members of my staff, which means that you probably couldn’t spot bad website code from a good code.  That’s not a problem though, because Upstate Synergy builds all of our websites on the WordPress platform.  Over 1/3rd of the world’s websites are built on WordPress because they’re easy to use, offer vast customization options and it has the world’s largest database of free plug-ins (which is like a website app store).

responsive web design spartanburg

Another important factor to consider is that all of our WordPress sites are built with HTML5 and designed to be fully responsive, which means that the code itself will auto-adjust our websites to whatever sized screen it’s being viewed on.  That means your customers will have a great experience if they’ve visiting you on a 40” flat screen monitor or a 3” smartphone.  That’s vital for your business’s success since well over 80% of all Upstate residents use smartphones to learn about local businesses.

Of course, we also design all of our websites to be visually stunning and optimized to best represent you to your customers, which is why we always take the time to get to know you and your business well before our tech geeks get to work.  So if you’re ready for an amazing new website that will drive new customers to your doorstep, then contact us at your earliest convenience for a 100% free needs analysis.