Can Local Customers Find You Online?

If you’re thinking that the World Wide Web seems just a little bit too big, then you’ll be pleased to know that Google shares your opinion.  For some time now, they’ve been working on prioritizing search results for your local area.  As a local business, that’s a very big deal.

At Upstate Synergy, we excel in optimizing your website for local search results.  Our team takes a completely comprehensive approach to dominate the local directories, from review campaigns to on-site optimizations, perfecting your profiles and other necessary criteria.

Ninety-two percent of all consumers search online before visiting a local store.

For any modern business, local search is the ultimate key to driving in new customers.  

Just think about it- if you want to try somewhere different for lunch, what do you do?  You pull out your smartphone and see what’s nearby.  And you repeat this process dozens of times per day whenever you need something; that’s just how modern consumers think.  In fact, local search may be the biggest shift in local commerce since the industrial revolution- nothing in the history of our world compares to this oportunity.

Over the past five years, your business has been directly affected by local search.  One of your competitors has exploded in popularity because they did things that makes Google happy, while others have seen their sales decrease or disappear all together.  And this trend is only growing larger by the minute- millenials can’t do anything without an assist from technology these days.

Today, you have an opportunity- perhaps the biggest one in your company’s history.  Upstate Synergy is one of the best in the nation when it comes to making your business shine in local search.  While it is a time consuming process with numerous steps involved, we have NEVER failed to deliver an amazing ROI within the first sixty days.  Once client saw a 2,300% increase in sales in 2016 alone.

Consumers contact the top-rated business on Google Maps 81% of the time.

For most local search optimization services, around 50-150 hours of total work is required in order to have you appearing as the industry leader within your local area.  There are countless outside factors involved, but the Upstate Synergy team can give you a very accurate quote once we take a look at your business and your competitors online.  Feel free to reach out to us below and we will gladly take a look on our dime.