We BuildBacklinks the Right Way

Have you ever looked closely at the beauty of a spider web?  From a short distance, the entire web looks completely symmetrical with an intricate pattern to provide stability.  At a closer glance, however, you see that there are hundreds of connecting twines at all sorts of angles and lengths. 

It’s not a coincidence that the World Wide Web was named after a spider’s handiwork- both are created in an almost identical fashion.  It’s a major indicator to see who is talking about you around the web and in many ways, it defines your overall reputation.

Upstate Synergy takes pride in building backlinks just like your grandma would if we were talking about sugar cookies on a warm summer day.  We don’t take any shortcuts because it just doesn’t benefit you.

Backlinks are a lot like cars– there are sporty rides, luxury models and some true clunkers.

So how do we actually build backlinks?  There are many different types that the search engines look for, and each of them play a role in your overall profile.  Your job is to have a healthy balance from each category, such as-

  • Registering on the Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Registering for Local directories (like Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.)
  • Social Media Accounts & Shares (like Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Guest Blogging (Mentioning your business on very popular websites)
  • Press Releases (Gets you in hundreds of online newspapers)
  • Partnerships (Having very popular websites list you as a partner)
  • Sponsorships (Making you a paid sponsor of United Way, etc.)

At Upstate Synergy, we offer completely organic backlink campaigns to help expand your reputation quickly.  Remember our expert copywriters that we were bragging about on the other page?  They write for some of the most authoritive businesses in the world to get you mentioned the right way.  In fact, our time-tested techniques will have you soaring up the Google charts in no time.

If you used questionable backlink practices, it’s time for some heavy-duty spring cleaning.

Our backlink services start at $55/hr. and it includes full reporting on everything that we do for your business.  Depending on your overall competition, a full campaign can take anywhere between 30-80 hours.  This includes eveything from keyword research to internal linking to blogging, media outreach, directory listings, manual backlinks and more.

Also, the process is normally broken up over a 2-6 month time period for maximum results.

As with most of our services, Upstate Synergy also offers a healthy discount for churches, fundraisers and other types of non-profit business.  If it’s for a good cause and it benefits the Upstate, we will happily waive as much of our fees as possible.