We Know Internet Marketing

Did you know that over 99% of all the websites never generate a single penny in profit?  It may seem pretty hard to believe but it’s completely true.  Businesses just don’t understand how to capitalize on the massive potential that comes from online marketing.

At Upstate Synergy, we really pride ourselves on teaching you how to take your website and turn it into an active, vibrant community where your local customers are contributing to your corporate culture.  Within a matter of weeks, we can have you generating new customers/leads, teach you about the power of email marketing, and even help you create viral campaigns that everyone will be talking about

Social Media Marketing

Since social media has officially surpassed telephones as the preferred way for those under forty to communicate, it is by far the most powerful marketing medium available to your business.  It takes just the right combination of steady content, customer interaction and advertising to effectively dominate the social realm.  Our seasoned professionals can make it look effortless on your behalf.  

Learn more about social media marketing here.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Not only is email marketing still highly effective, but it is also by far the most cost efficient way to encourage customer loyalty and repeat sales.  In fact, we tell our clients is that building an email database (through smooth calls to action) is the most powerful marketing tactic on Earth- it opens up an entirely new stream of possibilities to impress your customers. 

With our expert marketing team and your corporate vision, the results can be nothing less than outstanding.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

If you are looking for a quick boost in leads/sales, then Pay-Per-Click advertising may be the way to go for some industries.  However, there is a huge learning curve and it’s very easy to lose a small fortune if your campaigns are not perfectly optimized and targeting the right phrases.  That’s where can can help!

Learn more about how we empower your PPC Marketing efforts.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Then again, maybe your business needs some quick funding without all the hassles of dealing with the bank.  That’s where Crowdfunding comes in at, and our staff has implemented dozens of successful campaigns on sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe

Believe it or not, the success of these drives is almost completely decided by the early planning stages.  We will give you the best possible chances for success by whipping your supporters into a frenzy before the campaign even launches.  

If you’re ready to crowd-fund your next business venture, then click here for more information.

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