Looking to Get Your Name in Front of a Big Crowd?


We know firsthand that it’s ultra tough to find quality places to share your wisdom and earn a solid by-line.  Since a lot of you have reached out to us recently, we decided to put a little checklist together on our guest posting requirements-

Upstate Synergy is always happy to publish great guest content that-

  • Gives an insider look at marketing, branding, SEO, or web design
  • Is written in the first person with some real personality to it
  • Averages 750+ words in length without any fluff involved
  • Links to authority websites (when aplicable) to make your points 
  • Doesn’t contain any promotion links in the body of the article
  • Most of all, it’s a great read that’s ready to be published

Now, you should know before pitching a topic that our standards are ridiculously high! If the content is not awesome, we will probably pass on publishing it.  

Our readers are professionals that are looking for simple ways to improve their website, increase conversion rates or get more out of their content, so that’s who your article should speak to directly.   We also get a lot of novice writers/marketers looking for advice as well, so it’s fine to prepare a piece for them.

Finally, we are not interested in partnering with people that are selling various affiliate marketing products or courses.  While we respect what you do and all, this is definitely not the place to peddle your wares.



Your Content is 100% Unique & Not Published Elsewhere


Your Article Provides Actionable Advice For our Readers


You Provide a Main Image, Your Photo & a Short Bio


The Content is Not Self Promotional & Contains Great Links

Our Process


If you’re looking to write for us, please drop us a message through the contact form below.  Please include-

– Three to five topic ideas with a basic storyline

– A link to the profile/website you’ll promote

– A brief paragraph about your background

– One or two links to published pieces online

On average, we will review your idea and get back to you by the end of the week.  

Once you’re approved, we will ask you to submit your article in Word or Google Docs format with a and a photo included.  This process also takes about an additional week on our end from the time we receive your submission.

If we missed anything or if you have additional questions, feel free to reach out below.