SEO guaranteeAt Upstate Synergy, we’re not very fond of making bold statements.  You hear too much of that stuff already.

So instead, we would much rather show you our expertise up front with a 100% free, no obligation study of your entire online presence to prove that we can be a serious benefit to your business.  And just to be clear, we’re not talking about plugging your stats in a program like Moz and giving you a generic readout of your rankings.  Anyone can do that, and it’s pretty meaningless if you don’t already know SEO.

That’s why we physically go through your entire website and find areas where we can provide actionable advice on each and every page.  We then write a custom report for you by hand, in plain English, so you know exactly what your website lacks from achieving excellent rankings for your industry. 

And again, this is 100% free to you because we believe in proving without a doubt that we are the best web optimization firm in South Carolina and beyond.

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Here’s what our free website evaluation contains-

  • Problems web design spartanburgwith the website itself (coding issues, load times, etc.)
  • Keywords you should be actively targeting
  • How your competitors are doing online
  • What your customers are actively searching for
  • Which of your pages need to be better optimized
  • How to complete those optimizations
  • What kind of content you need moving forward
  • Potential conversion issues that are preventing leads
  • The easiest way for you to take the top rankings

As we like to say, we give you the “secret sauce” up front so you know exactly what kind of work needs to be performed on your website, how those goals can be accomplished and the relative cost of getting it all completed.  Then we can form a long-term plan that works within your budget and deliver the results that you need for success.

search optimization formulaIn other words, we provide you with an exact blueprint of how to achieve online success before you are even our customer because we have that much faith in what we do and the value it brings to your doorstep.  No other search optimization firm on the planet does this because its simply too time consuming, but we think that your business is worth the effort.


So if you’re looking for a website developer that always has your best interests at heart, then contact us today for a 100% free site evaluation valued at $249 (that’s what we charge other SEO firms and they gladly pay it).  Just be sure that you mention your website address in your response so we can get started with the research right away.