warrior forum logoAs some of you already know, I’ve been posting on Warrior Forum for about three months now under the username “kk075”. For those of you who don’t visit there, it happens to be the largest online marketing community in the world. My initial goal was to pick up a few tips about the latest affiliate marketing techniques since I’m mainly an SEO type of guy, but then I saw all these different questions about how to build a website and where to get traffic from.

Well, you writers out there can relate with me here…when you give us a new place to write about things, we get to typing in a hurry. So I was happy to help others with a few tidbits about internet marketing and other advice I have picked up over the years.  Then I dropped what turned out to be a bombshell of a post, “Making My First Million Online- My Story.”

Here’s just a few of the baseline stats from that one post. Note that these are as of Saturday the 18th at around 9:00 PM, which is about 36 hours after Warrior Forum featured my post in their monthly email and suggested that you read it. So know that these are very early totals-

– It’s received 14,448 page views (the most of any new topic this year)
– It’s received 198 comments (the most of any new topic this year)
– It’s received 143 thanks on the original post and 258 total  throughout (the most for any topic this year)
– It led to 41 people starting a new website venture (or saying they did anyway)
– It led to me giving 107 people specific advice via the forum, PM & email
– It led to three upcoming joint affiliate projects

– This website received 2,106 unique visitors from Warrior Forum in the past 36 hours
– This site also received 27 business inquires from forum members in that same time frame

Think about that for a moment.  A total of 14.4% of people who read that post visited me here.  And all my signature link said was, “Visit my Web Forum”, which is about as weak of a call to action as you can possibly have.  So why on Earth did my post receive such an incredible response AND convince people to click through?

Let’s talk about that for a moment because it is really a blueprint in itself on how to be successful online.

Telling a Genuine Story

great storytellingFirst, it was the way that I told my story. Whenever possible, I tried to be as specific as I could when describing how I made money or where I failed, and something that honest seems to resonate with people. The quote about Google really seemed to grab people’s attention as well, even though I wasn’t writing much about SEO or how it really works.  But people couldn’t deny great advice when it was staring them right in the face-

“So here’s the best piece of advice you’ll ever hear- Google has never changed. Not one bit. They only got better at meeting their original objective of making the site with the best content appear in the #1 slot, and you can’t do that by trying to optimize for Google. Instead, optimize your sites for the people you’re trying to connect with…and then Google will see your value. If you do that, then no Penguin or Panda update in the world can touch you.”

In any case, many saw this as game-changing advice and they ran with it. And if nothing but that came out of this whole process, then I’m absolutely thrilled…because a few lives will change for the better. That’s awesome!

Giving Actionable Feedback

giving feedbackThe second thing that really seemed to draw users in was that every time they asked a question, I would respond to them with actionable advice that they could use immediately. I gave very specific advice about how to hire great writers, how to build a local niche site, and whatever people happened to ask…and I tried my best to make the message as personal as possible to their situation. In other words, it quickly stopped being about me and the focus shifted to you; which is why so many of you are here reading this now.

I also want to point out that I have more “thanks” on my account than the average 10 year Warrior Forum veteran, and a few people have already started quoting me in other forum threads as the SEO authority. This happened because I took the time to care about individuals, which is what every single one of you running a website should be doing. Again though; this post is not about me…it’s solely about you and how you can achieve greater success on the forum and in life.

Standing Up to the Bullies

stand up to bulliesFinally, there are countless people on Warrior Forum that claim to be “gurus”, but all they really hand out is open-ended promises. If you want their good stuff, then they expect you to head over to their website and buy it. There’s a vital lesson here though- if you’re not taking the time to show others that you’re the real deal through actions, then they’re not going to believe in you or your products.

And in a nutshell, that’s why a select few people were attacking me so furiously on the forum; I did in a few months what they couldn’t do in ten years. To them, it felt like I somehow hacked the system, but all I was doing is exactly what Google tells you to do and exactly what your customers expect- they want to see great information that will help them make a decision. Since those “experts” couldn’t understand that, all they could do was try to make me look bad.

But that didn’t work, because my only interest was in helping you with no strings attached. So I killed them with kindness and you shut them up completely with comment after comment thanking me for help. And it made these folks even madder when I kept thanking you back, because for a very brief moment- the forum wasn’t about self-promotion, sales pitches and empty promises.  People were actually learning.

Why You Should Pay it Forward on Warrior Forum

paying it forwardAs you can see from my website, there are no eBooks for sale or any lead capture boxes. Every single page was designed for a very specific purpose, and that’s to give you real advice to help you make better informed decisions. All I really did on Warrior Forum was replicate that process…I genuinely tried to be helpful and people responded.  The key to it though was that I went all-out with the advice whenever I could, which very rarely seems to happen there.

If you’re wondering what the big takeaway here is; it’s to treat everyone around you with respect and try to always go the extra mile without any expectations. Internet marketing is a business, and the rules are the exact same as running a department store or a Fortune 500 company. People will appreciate you putting their needs before your own and that’s how you build a solid reputation in any industry.

So the next time someone asks a question on Warrior Forum, take a moment and give them some genuine knowledge that could change their lives forever. One way or the other, it will come back to you over time- I promise it will.