Inspiration Internet MarketingThe other day, I was sitting at my desk and collecting my thoughts before a staff meeting when a really great idea hit me.  This wasn’t just any good idea mind you, but something that could have turned out to be huge for me personally and professionally.  In fact, I was so excited about the idea that reached for my notepad to write it down…but then the phone rang.

So naturally, I answered the phone and got deep into conversation about something else entirely.  Then I hung up, rushed down to my meeting and never thought about my game-changing idea again until late that evening.  And by then, I had absolutely no clue what that great idea was.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

From my experiences, I honestly believe that almost everyone has million dollar ideas all the time; they just fail to act on those thoughts.  The people who are considered the greatest minds of our generation, however, know how to take these ideas and build on them until something concrete starts to form, and then they begin to build a plan of action to make that idea a reality.

InspirationBill Gates.  Stephen King.  Warren Buffett.  Michael Jordan.  They all went through the exact same process to become successful in life.  And it was ultimately their imagination that set them on that long and winding path towards success.

What separates you from these great names?  It’s actually a lot less than you think.

The A-list of innovators above all started with the exact same dreams and aspirations that you and I have every day, and just like us…they knew that reaching their ultimate goals was a one in a million type of journey.  In fact, all of them were nervous…scared even…when they were young, broke and dreaming of what their futures could hold, but they took action anyway and stared failure right in the eyes.

And you know what?  All of them failed before they ultimately succeeded, but that didn’t stop them from imagining greatness and working even harder towards achieving it.  So my message for you today is to dream big, take chances and stop allowing life’s roadblocks to discourage your progress.

That and remember to write down your great ideas before you answer a phone call…that one’s important too!